Priestess of Possibility & Your Cosmic Cheerleader

Chameice Daniel is a natural intuitive and channel of the divine. She was born with the ability to see energy signatures in and around people and situations. As a natural intuitive, life was not always easy; she could sense when people were lying, cheating, what people would create with their lives, and knew everything about their relationships. She learned very early in life that most people believe the stories that their culture, society, religions, and families told them about life’s “shoulds.” What life “should” look like, what love “should” look like, and what they “should” look like. Chameice found it very interesting that these accumulated “shoulds” rarely, if ever, supported their unique soul journey. She has made it her life’s mission to unravel these shoulds, release multi-lifetime binding, guide people into true sight of self, and fully anchor into the sovereignty they desire.

Chameice is passionate about all matters of the heart with 20 years’ experience as a change agent of love. She loves helping people discover true sight of self, uncovering the great mysteries of their lives, and how to masterfully create the meaning, abundance, and love they deserve.

She is a natural intuitive with an academic background in psychology. She holds honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics Certificates. She is certified in Laughter Yoga, Intuitive Counseling, Kinesiology, and Interfaith Ministries.  She is a certified Peace Ambassador and Inner Priestess with years of shamanic training.

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