Club Thrive
What is Club Thrive?

Club Thrive is is a complete Energy Management Membership to accelerate your dreams. It offers daily, weekly, and monthly energy boosts so your energy is running optimally for accelerated manifesting.

Club Thrive combines ancient spiritual & energetic principles into actionable practices transforming you into the alchemist of infinite creation possibilities.

As a member of the Thrive tribe:

  • You will receive daily energy clearing & boosts remotely from Chameice
  • You will receive weekly Energy Reports, that are channeled by Chameice, that explain how current planetary energies are moving and influencing your divine soul journey
  • You will receive MP3s that accelerate your soul’s evolution into True Sight of Self
  • Have support, direction, and encouragement along your journey from Chameice and other Thrive Tribe members in our private group
  • You will understand how cosmic & collective energies influence our emotions, our choices, our focus, and our energy
  • You will learn how to shadow walk through your sub & unconscious mind so you will no longer be influenced by programs & agreements that interfere with your ability to create consistently
  • You will have access to live videos to ask questions
  • You will have access to Chameice’s twenty years of experience navigating the realms of shadow and light

Who is our Thrive Tribe?
Men & Women just like you.

​​​​​​​People from every walk of life that are on a truth seeking journey.

People that hear the call to walk in harmony with Gaia, to share their divine gifts with the world, to discover exactly who they were before the world to them who to be, that desire to activate their original divine blueprint of sovereignty and share that divine wisdom with others! We are a tribe of Masters and beginners, CEOs, actors, artists, stay at home moms...every path imaginable. We are diverse, loving, and ready to shine.

Level 1: Seeker
This is our free membership level for those new to our multidimensional sovereignty Tribe. It allows you to try us out, see if you resonate, and then decide if you would like to join our Thrive Tribe.


  • Get access to special discounts only available to the Thrive Tribe 
  • Join our Private Facebook THRIVE Tribe and get a feel for us
Tuition: FREE Join Here
Level 2: Guide
This is the most affordable way to stay in the know and not miss a thing the Thrive Tribe has to offer.

Includes everything in the first level, PLUS:

Our Cosmic Blessings Monthly Live Group Call: These monthly energy updates keep you in the know about important monthly gateways and high energy periods that have a likelihood of triggering a purge of old cellular and energetic debris. Knowing what to expect monthly will assist you in staying in your power by using the energetic tools infused into this call so you can ride the wave of high energy into what you desire to create more of instead of being sucked into the release of the past. These calls clear your energy and connect you into your higher expressions of self and divinity. They also contain a guided energy activation to specifically support the energies of that month. They are also infused with essential oils, crystals, and much more to assist your physical body with the energies you will experience that month.) This call is pre-recorded and automatically sent via email to everyone in the club at the beginning of every month.

A New Moon Live Zoom Call: During this monthly Live Group Call Chameice guides you through creating a powerful New Moon Manifesting Practice. Chameice performs her New Moon Manifesting ritual Live during the call to give you insight and ideas. You can also do your own New Moon Manifesting ritual at the same time to boost your results. The more people that do them together amplifies everyone's intentions.) This call is done via Zoom Video Webinar. They are always on the New Moon (USA). All dates, times, and the link to access the call are automatically sent via email to everyone in the club

Cosmic Blessing Weekly Energy Reports: These weekly energy reports keep you in the know about powerful energy periods. These might include high periods of purge that you need to know about to support yourself through them, high periods of gateways or downloads so you can stay open to receiving, etc. Sometimes videos, MP3s, etc come in the energy reports if Chameice feels extra support is needed.

Added to Chameice's Golden Web of Rejuvenation list: Chameice is a huge proponent of daily energy management. Most people never see the results they desire simply because they do not clear, balance, and boost their energy daily with proper energy management. Busy schedules are often the culprit to lack of consistency, so as a level 2+ member of Club Thrive you are added to Chameice's Golden Web of Rejuvenation list...when she clears, balances, and boosts her energy daily everyone in the club receives ALL of it too. Due to the high levels of distraction energy currently running in the collective she does her energy management multiple times a day, so you will receive EVERY single one! 

A) $33/monthly 
B) $333 Payment In Full for the year (2 months free!) 
C) $999 Lifetime membership
*With your purchase of the lifetime membership, you will also get a one on one session with Chameice valued at $488
ALL calls are recorded and access to the replays provided.
ALL of the frequency downloads contained on the calls are just as powerful in the replays as they are live!

Level 3: Master
This is for the Sovereign Masters. This is the deep dive into accelerated multidimensional activation!

Includes everything in the first 2 levels PLUS:

Access to our THRIVE Archive where you will access 100’s of Group Call Recordings

You maintain access to each Month’s call indefinitely

Grounding & High Vibe MP3s (Usually $22.22)

Energy Management MP3 Package (Usually $108): In this Energy Management Essentials package, you will have access to all of the fundamental resonances to keep your energy clear, protected, and in a high vibration for optimum manifestation results. 

To manifest all that you desire easily, you must keep your energy clear of all energetic overlays and cords from family members, going back to our ancestors!

Energetic interference from other people causes your energy to mix with theirs so you cannot line up and create what you desire in your life.

Their fears, limitations, lack of consciousness, etc., can overlay onto your energetic field, causing you to feel the same emotions they do. It is important to release ALL energies from other people to manifest clearly and on purpose. 

Another important step in the manifestation process is maintaining a high vibration.

A high vibration means your energy is moving at a faster rate. The faster your energy is moving, the faster your intentions reach their destination and the results are returned to you.

Maintaining a high vibration also means that you are spinning out lower vibrations (fear, limitation, lack, etc.) so your thoughts and energy are only focused on positive and desired outcomes. This package also contains MP3s to release karma, the need to save or be saved, deep forgiveness, and the most current abundance codes so you are completely clear, balanced, harmonized, and energetically updated to create your dream life everyday.

Release From False Light Attachments MP3 Package (Usually $108): 

During the Complete Release from False Light Attachments program you will be shown how to completely and fully identify if false light attachments are hooked into you, your loved ones, or your life.

False Light Attachments are energies from an imposing dark light stream that purposefully create low vibrating energies in people’s lives, so they can hook into them and feed off of the negative energies.

These dark light stream energies look for emotionally “open doors”; lower vibrating emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, depression, frustration, etc. When they find someone that has an “open door” they use this door to create more of the lower vibrating emotion in that person’s life to keep them in a pain cycle.

This pain cycle emits a negative frequency that the false light attachment feeds off of…they feed off of any emotion based in fear. The more fear someone holds about a person, situation, or place the more the food supply and the more the false light attachment will attempt to reinforce the fear to keep the food supply coming in.

This program is specifically designed to take you out of the pain cycle false light attachments create, release them from you, your loved ones, and life so you are no longer drained mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Learning how to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into harmonic resonance effortlessly creates a balancing and magnetizing effect that shifts you into optimum experiences.  

Abundance Codes MP3 Package (Usually $108): 

Attracting infinite abundance is one part focus/desire and two parts knowing you deserve it and are worthy of it!

Most abundance programs focus solely on clarity of desire and maintaining your focus. They teach you how to create vision boards, affirmations, and clear requests to the Universe, but do not assist you in releasing your abundance blocks or teach you how to become a vibrational match to abundance.

The Abundance Code is a complete energetic, mental, and emotional reset program that assists you in identifying your abundance blocks so they can finally be released for good, opens you to receiving the new Abundance codes that are coming in, shows you how to retrain your neurological pathways to receive infinite abundance, shows you how to maintain focus on your desired outcomes, and connects you deeply into your self-worth so you know you deserve ALL you desire and can create it masterfully.

Many more exciting MP3s and bonuses will be delivered to your inbox monthly

A) $99 a month 
B) $999 Paid In Full for the year (2 months free!) 
C) $2,222 Lifetime membership, plus you get all these recordings and courses instantly and permanently.

*You get access to the Tribe Archive instantly, and the rest of the processes are released one per month. You maintain access to these recordings forever, after month 6!
​​​​​​​**With your purchase of the lifetime membership, you will also get 3 one on one sessions with Chameice valued at $1164

Level 4: Gnostic
This is for you if you desire the key to the powerful Mystery School before you. This level will grant you more one on one time with Chameice, her divine team of 12 Golden Counsel Members of Cosmic Radiance, and the THRIVE Tribe.

Includes everything in the first 3 levels, PLUS:

  • A 60 minute Mentorship Session with Chameice Monthly
  • Your questions move to the front of the line during calls

A) $333 a month (a year long commitment is required because Chameice wants to consistently connect with you monthly to guarantee you create all you desire! ) 
B) $3,333 Paid In Full for 14 months. (4 months free!)
​​​​​​​*At this level you will also receive access to EVERY Workshop Chameice creates over the 14 months and a $333 discount on a Morocco Retreat of your choice

There are 4 Membership levels to choose from! 

Guide level & up includes:
 Added to Chameice’s Daily Golden Web of Rejuvenation List
Weekly Energy Reports
Monthly Cosmic Blessing Energy Update & Infusion
 New Moon Manifesting Live Videos
MP3s to support your journey
Online Events & Journeys
Much more with each level
Club Thrive offers exclusive access to Personal Soul Acceleration Sessions with Chameice... 
One on One sessions with Chameice are no longer offered anywhere else 

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