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the act of rising to an important position or a higher level

You’ve probably heard all of the hype about ‘ascending’, being ‘multidimensional’, and ‘New Earth’, but what does all of this REALLY mean?


Ascension is a conscious choice to evolve into true sight of self. It is a complete conclusion of accumulated programs and lesson loops from past lifetimes, ancestral patterning, societal/cultural programming, pain expectations from chronic trauma/drama cycles, and much more to remember who you are at a soul level. Essentially, ascension requires a psychospiritual transformation out of limitation into complete soul sovereignty.


Recently, people have begun to glimpse past lifetimes during dreams, meditations, or visions remembering timelines when Ancient Wisdom Keeper knowledge was revered within communities and tribes. Ancient Wisdom Keepers, also known as Medicine Men, Shaman, Elders, etc would pass on teachings, journeys, Rites of Passage, and many other psychospiritual transformation processes to their communities and tribes for the betterment of the individual and group dynamic.


The transformation processes would build one by one as the individual went into major life-stage passages such as birth, puberty, adulthood, elderhood, and death. The ascension process would often take a lifetime to achieve.

Currently, people desire to achieve this process in a matter of days, weeks, or months with today’s technology and access to a plethora of wisdom teachings, ancient destinations, and promises of instant sovereignty. The problem with this is the process of deep program release, shadow integration, and only then beginning the sovereignty proclamation process is often done simultaneously which renders it incomplete.


Removing ALL programs, balancing the multifaceted nature of the mind, body, spirit, doing shadow journeys to truly become multidimensional and sovereign is imperative to the authentic soul integration and ascension process.

Most Mentors, myself included, have spent 20-40 years and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education, certifications, went on many soul quests, done past life integration, etc to remember wisdom acquired over lifetimes, and done intense shadow work to be able to hold space for you to achieve results in a year, at a substantial savings of time and money.



The MasterMind Mentorship Membership is for the serious seeker that is ready to fully commit to their success in every way...Career, Relationships, Health, Abundance, Spiritual Growth...They are ready to Break Up with their old ways by Breaking Down what doesn't work to create major Break Throughs! 

The first step step of the Mentorship process is the inception of the transformation by releasing limitation.

During the first stages of your MASTERMIND MENTORSHIP Process, 

I read your energy to determine what processes will be required to achieve complete soul sovereignty based on your current level of limitation/sovereignty. I will fully explain where you are now, what needs to be released and restructured, prepare you for the 13 DNA Helix activation (takes place during your second session), and explain what you should expect during the entire process.


The first steps of the Mentorship program focuses on releasing limitation to awaken…to become aware that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing. Most people begin this process after experiencing a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. A deep comic shaking that rumbles through every aspect of their life forcing them to become self aware.



 I will activate, reconnect, and balance all of your 13 DNA helixes



Our DNA is programmed by our biological ancestors throughout generations, by our parents and our environment before we are old enough to have a choice, our culture, socioeconomic status, the collective, and our experiences throughout life also program our DNA via our subconscious agreements or painful experiences that create pain expectation loops. We could call this our default programming. Most children mimic their parents, people in their immediate environment, their culture, and so forth to fit in. They don’t want to get into trouble, be bullied, or appear strange, so they blend in with their surrounds…they accept the programs.


This session activates your dormant DNA Helixes, reconnects them, balances them, and reprograms them into YOUR true, conscious will.



I will Reharmonize Your 13 DNA Helixes

This harmonizes all 13 DNA Helixes with each other and the rest of your body.



After your series of DNA Activation and Harmonizing sessions, we will decide what needs to be further balanced and harmonized depending on individual needs. These could include:

  • Handling Multidimensional Frequencies
  • New Health Reprogramming
  • Fountain of Youth Reprogramming
  • Gene Repair Reprogramming
  • Other DNA Reprogramming
  • Releasing Empathic Imbalances
  • Understanding Your Clairs
  • Past Life Regression via Quantum Hypnotherapy
  • Polarity Balancing via The Golden Shadow Journey
  • Inner Child Connection
  • Diamond Flame of Purification Activation
  • Moving Beyond the Probability Field (Matrix)



The next stage of the program focuses on realignment of true sight of self. This is the exploration or seekers phase.


This is usually when most people begin to experience a lot of challenges and temptations that can be very difficult to navigate. Often times most people do not understand what is happening to them as more and more changes within their life erupt into chaos. Having a mentor that can guide you through the process monthly with insight, energetic balancing, and deep journey work will help tremendously. Depending on individual needs, options include:


  • Soul Retrieval & Soul Mission Awakening
  • Into The Multidimensional Soul Journey
  • Structuring the Column of Light
  • Blue Flame of Purpose Activation
  • Sovereignty Proclamation
  • Ancient Wisdom Keeper Connection



The last process focuses on authentic soul integration and ascension. Depending on individual needs, options include:

  • Rainbow Flame of Unification Activation
  • Rites of Passage
  • Rose Flame of Unconditional Love Activation
  • Cosmic Code Keeper Connection
  • Golden Flame of Sovereignty Activation




  • Weekly Accountability process to keep you on track 
  • Harmonic Alignments to keep your creations energized & flowing properly 
  • Weekly Abundance Boosts to keep money flowing optimally to continue creating
  • Much more depending on your Individual needs

When humanity has reached a critical mass of ascended individuals, we will experience ‘New Earth’. It is imperative that we each do our part to awaken and become sovereign, so we can share our wisdom with others to reach the tipping point.


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