13 Week

Be Successful Being You 


Do you crave a loving, supportive relationship with yourself and  others,
​​​​​​​but don’t know how to create one because all of your past attempts have failed?

When you think about unconditional love does your mind wander into how difficult it will be, how long it would take to get there, and how you don’t have “enough” ______ to get it?

Are you too tired or don’t have enough time to action all the things
​​​​​​​you want to create in your life?

Not being able to find, create, or maintain unconditional love
with yourself and others is NOT your fault!
When the Matrix was created it veiled everyone on Earth from true sight of self…under this illusion influence we were disconnected from our connection to source. All information about our divine birthright to source’s creation energy was manipulated. We were taught disempowering programs about self-sacrifice, love based on rules and conditions, that we had to be slaves to mental patterns and creations that kept us stuck in loops of service to fear…always feeling like we are not enough just as we were created!

Our soul’s remembrance underwent amnesia…we forgot how to love ourselves and others completely and without reservation. We slowly began to pick up programs about blame and shame. These programs taught us that we need to protect ourselves…that if something difficult or painful shows up in our lives we are wrong or someone else is. Ever so slowly the programs began to take over every aspect of our lives.

Believing that we were in this school called life alone, without source or our beloved divine team, we disconnected more and more from our soul’s whispers and guidance. We started anchoring more into what we saw and heard from the people around us about what we should be, what love should be, what life should be, what happiness should be. Most of what we were taught under the illusion veil was that we will never have or be enough. We needed things, people, and more to be full-filled.
This lead us on an unquenchable search to be and have enough…​​​​​​​
We searched for people to love us and help us feel safe, but this made us dependent upon them for sourcing love and safety. We only ended up feeling more unsafe with the thought of them leaving us, taking our supply of love and protection with them.

This also made us completely at their mercy to love us and see us in a way that filled us up or we would fall lower than before upon their criticism and rejection.

We searched for all of the things that we were told made us successful and happy…the house, the cars, the clothes, but soon realized that we had to work longer and harder to maintain it all. This often meant we couldn’t follow our soul purpose because we didn’t have time to connect with our soul to find out what it was trying to show us due to exhaustion.

We then started searching for the doctors, pills, herbs, and oils to heal our pain from the disconnection, but because we could no longer hear our heart song at all we still search for the answers and full-fillment that will never come while still inside the Matrix.

We must remove ourselves from the Matrix and its illusionary programs to finally find relief into soul and source connection.
The Matrix was created to completely disconnect us from Source,
from our Soul remembrance,
Gaia, our soul tribes, and particularly our sovereignty.​​​​​​​
If we go back thousands of years, before the Matrix, we had a deep connection to source and soul sovereignty. Indigenous tribes and cultures around the world are still revered for their wisdom of soul connection, their remembrance of our galactic roots, their natural healing, their sacred ceremonies that connect them into the wisdom of the Galactic Wisdom Keepers. That is precisely why indigenous cultures around the world were targeted for elimination. They knew if they did not erase their wisdom and connection the Matrix would not hold…the low vibration could not be maintained…humanity could not be enslaved.

If humanity held onto their connection to vital life force energy from source, held onto unconditional love of self and others they would forever remain sovereign souls. That would not serve the programs of separation and slavery.

  • Delete all cords and ties to trauma/drama energy of the past
  • Delete outdated blueprints that kept you repeating lessons
  • Release unauthentic love beliefs that attract the wrong love matches to you
  • Find deep and lasting forgiveness towards yourself and others
  • Bring down your heart walls to experience unconditional love
  • Delete illusion patterns that block your heart/mind connection
  • Complete removal of entities, karmic containment units, or any other negative energies/devices
  • Open to Universal love
  • Release self-judgment about past choices, fears, paths, and any other perceived obstacles in life
  • Connect with your inner child creating a safe place for you to love again and trust your ability to know a harmonious relationship and attract it
  • Take stock and ownership of your creations
  • Release and connect to your inner power
  • Find the strength to go big with your life
  • Find gratitude and acceptance to attract your divine abundance

This 13 week program dissolves the Matrix separation programs to connect
you back into source and soul, so you create miracles of love in every part of your life!

What would your life look like if fear never held you back?

How would your body and mind feel if your love tank was always full?

This program helps you release your unconscious love agreements; agreements that you made about what love “should” look like; how love manifests and forms in our lives is as unique as our souls. Our souls attract to us the types of love we need to help us become consciously clear about where we have become out of alignment with our true soul nature.

Basically, the soul shows us everything we don’t need at a soul level (unconscious agreements) so we can find everything we do consciously. The only trick is to understand what our soul is telling us by listening.

In the Matrix our parents, friends, culture, and society teach us how love “should” look, but those are programmed agreements of conditional love and by agreeing to them ourselves we attract inharmonious Love matches to us. By consciously eliminating those agreements we attract our true soul match. The person that is a perfect vibrational match to our soul resonance so we are aligned to manifest all that we desire with ease and grace.
During this program you will learn how to manifest love in all forms; passion, purpose, self-love, romantic relationships, family relationships, friends, and a life that you love. I created a foolproof system that guides you through the process of creating LOVE on every level.

  • Peaceful and harmonious relationships
  • Being in an empowered space to attract all that you desire in life including true love and abundance
  • Being clear of emotional discord so you can hear your guidance and soul clearly to know and action your soul purpose
  • Clearly seeing your creations to eliminate those that no longer resonate and create more of what does
  • Forgive the past and people so you are free to move forward
  • Create a space of gratitude so you attract more to be grateful for
  • Become a love and abundance magnet
  • Removal of heart walls, negative low vibrations, and entities so your energy field is healthy and vibrant so you have the energy to relate all that you desire
  • Open to Universal love so you always feel the love and support of divine spirit and helpers

  You will receive:

Releasing the Matrix – MP3
Releasing Program Influences – MP3
Ho’oponopono – MP3
Anchoring into Safety & Trust – MP3
Love Thyself – MP3
Know Thyself – MP3
Language of Love – MP3
Speaking your Truth – MP3
Living on Purpose – MP3
Balancing We – MP3
Middle Path of Love – MP3
Gratitude – MP3
Love Miracles – MP3
13 Weeks Recorded Classes on each  Topic
3 Elixir of Love downloads
Sacred Soul Fire Initiation upon completion of 13 weeks
1 Self Love Upgrade Call
1 Divine Love Upgrade Call
1 Soulmate & Soultribe Upgrade Call


*ALL of the MP3s and classes will be emailed directly to you upon purchase over the course of the 13 week program.

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Expert Reviews:

​​​​​​​“I sent Chameice pictures of myself and my partner for our session and asked her to read the energy signatures so I could have clarity about the direction of our relationship. She was extremely accurate and even described him as a “gypsy soul!” This describes him perfectly. She further explained that our relationship is a perfect energetic match for me currently because it supports my empowered energy; That he helps me stay in my power and allows me to step out of co-dependency patterns that many cultures consider love. She identified that he helps me understand unconditional love on a deeper level. She described our unique love signature without me saying anything. I also asked her if she could assist me in better understanding the rebellious nature of my daughter and she explained the situation perfectly and accurately. I now have a better understanding as to what my daughter is experiencing emotionally and can try to take the necessary steps to help her move forward. I would highly recommend Chameice as her sessions are as informative as they are accurate in assisting you to find the peace to move forward.”

~ Eram Saeed- Creator of the From Heartache to Joy Global Tele-Summit

“I had a session with Chameice and let me tell you it was the most amazing session I’ve experienced thus far and I’ve been to plenty of healers. Every question I asked she was so informative. I learned so much from her guidance and have crystal clear clarity of what steps I need to take next. I could feel as she worked on me clearing all the places I was unable to see myself as being so close to the situation she pointed out to me what I needed to hear from her to clear to move forward in my life. She is very powerful and I’m definitely going to book another session with her because I felt she was the most attentive to my concerns and needs. She got straight to the point and such loving energies exuded from her. I felt so comfortable talking to her like a very close friend. I would recommend all my friends to book a session with Chameice if you need instant healing, clarity, sound advice, and real transformation towards your life path. I can’t believe all the important information I received from her so much came through for our session I’ve never experienced such a wealth of knowledge and pieces of the puzzle that I needed to see come together at quantum speeds. I’m super excited to see what else comes from our session because now I see things in such a new light it’s changed my perception of many things that I have been in the dark about that needed to come out in order for me to heal and really grow from this truly amazing session. I am so blessed to have met Chameice such a wonderful and beautiful soul sister”

. ~ Iona Flores- Internationally Known Healer

“Chameice is simply a divine portal for clarity of the gifts we are ALL here to honor. She helped me stretch my energetic field to go from an international practice to a global practice as I had an underlying fear hiding out in my field. She helped me clear the fear INSTANTLY. She is epically divine as she also helped to amplify my energy of honoring my purpose in this lifetime and really got me present to the Starseed Galactic knowledge and light that I channel for my clients. Chamiece helped me get present to the vibration of the work I’m here to do with regard to “Helping people reconnect to their Soul’s Remembering” and got me present to the feeling of it ALL so I can really weave that essence into all of my work as a Spiritual Advisor, Galactic Channel and Healer. I listen to the recording from the call over and over again as I know it helps to amplify the energetic work at a deeper level and anchor it in at a cellular level. She has a brilliant and concise ability to watch you run energy in your field. Her work is on point. If you’re looking for clarity and healing you MUST work with Chamiece in this lifetime!”

~Rob Grover – Spiritual Guardianship Collective

“Chameice shared such wonderful information with me that assisted me in being energetically ready for a major positive shift in my life! Having information helped me understand why I was having pain in my body and the frequencies of the Diamond (Trilogy) energy helped me be aligned and balanced and prepared me to share my gifts with the world with ease and Joy! I am very grateful and recommend everyone experience these energies!”

~ Susan Elizabeth Reis- Internationally Known Healer

“My session with Chameice was right on. She was able to get who we are as people and that we are in our spiritual and professional growth, as well as in our relationship. It was great to get acknowledged by her for our efforts and to find out that we are on the right path. She then proceeded to adjust our energetic fields and gave me tips for daily routines which I have been following. The results are people being attracted to our financial team effortlessly, our relationship that was loving is at the level of the first day romance and height. We are grateful for every day we get to spend together. My partner had quantum leaps in his martial arts progress, found a new mentor and has been integrating deeper philosophy about the universal energy flow also in his career. I feel in love with him, myself and life in general… enjoying my service to others and as well deepening my understanding of life and healing. My healing sessions have been profound and more people have been finding me and my group. Thank you so much. This is what I call a blissful existence. Profound love everywhere I look. Sending you my gratitude and appreciation”

 Klara Fischerova, Klarity Healing

“I had the most amazing session with Chameice Daniel. I was going through a crisis with my partner, and Chameice sensed my distress and messaged me, even though she was almost 2000 miles away. We scheduled a time to talk, and Chameice identified the areas where my energy was leaking and my patterns of hiding, and worked to heal these areas. She also confirmed that my partner and I are twin flames, and the difficulties of a twin flame relationship. Throughout the call, I felt totally safe, loved and supported. I was able to approach my partner from a defenseless place of total love and acceptance, and let her know that I was taking any misplaced energy and using it to recommit to our relationship, and allowing her total freedom. Chameice also did a session for my partner Robin. Our relationship was teetering on the verge of a breakup, and is now even more solid and anchored in love, listening, honoring and commitment than ever before. Thank you Chameice, for your love, compassion, and wisdom, and for helping to save the most important relationship in my life. Blessings and Love,” 

~Gary Pincus- Internationally Known Healer

“Chameice is the most accurate and gifted “ seer” I have ever worked with, in minutes from looking at my energy field, she pinpointed the relationship I had with my father, and how that pattern was being replayed in my current relationship…she released the pattern ,and went deeper to release the betrayal pattern the feminine has dealt with for lifetimes. ( how could I see my partner with old programming in the way? ) Chameice identified that the relationship I was in was a twin flame relationship, a term I had been resisting, because personality wise we were as different as 2 beings could be, except for our passion for spiritual growth. I am trained in marriage and family therapy, but there was nothing in my traditional training that was helping me through the twin flame dynamics. Chameice’s expertise helped us move through a profoundly separating experience to be able to create connection at a higher level than previously! I told her she needed to write a manual on surviving and thriving through a twin flame relationship! Twin flames is NOT romantic new age fluff, but the hardest work of a lifetime to live in the exalted spirit, not the different egos! I got more from our sessions than all the marriage and family training from an Ivy League university!”

~Robin Trainor, M.S.- Gary Pincus’ Partner

“Within the first minute Chameice saw what my childhood was like; how I felt and how that has been affecting me to this day. She went on further by describing the blocks she saw and removed them. She is very thorough, she explained everything she did, and explained how to keep myself squeaky clean. I was really impressed by her accuracy, the speed at which she works, and the compassion with which she embraces the time with her client.”

~Christine Williams- Creator of the Greatest You Tele-summit

Wow. Wow. and Wow. Chameice is a Rockstar, powerhouse Master Healer!!!

“I am so super excited of the results I got from working with her. I love the way she holds space so beautifully for you and gently but powerfully is able to adjust and shift energy for you. I have so many positive shifts in my life.

I was concerned about my relationship with my soulmate partner and by taking her recommendations our relationship is stronger and closer than ever and I could not be more happy. Through her work I was also able to land a lucrative strategic partnership contract as well as find my soul purpose. After having a session with her, the anxiety dissipated and I feel so much at peace and excited with my life and felt a calm about how my career was going.

I would highly recommend working with Chameice if you are looking to find your soul’s purpose, looking for abundance in love and in your career, and looking to have your mind at ease. She is spot on, her sessions are fun, she rocks, and is such a blessing! It is a rare find to find a healer that is gifted to help you in so many different areas of your life. Thank you Chameice!”

~ Anna Barb

A woman who walks her talk and shows me how to own my path!

“Loving, light and incredibly skilled, Chameice invoked instant confidence and homecoming! She’s been able to explain my life long struggles as something that easily can be overcome – with a few adjustments. I have so much hope and eagerness after the talk with her! If it’s not easy, it´s not the right remedy, she said! I can feel she’s right and I have implemented all the suggestions. She’s a woman who walks her talk and shows me how to own my path!

I have listened to all the amazing meditations and energetically charged sound files. They help structure my day, calm my thoughts and focus me, like nothing ever has before!

Thank you Chameice, what a lightworker you are! You have completely blown my mind and motivated me to overcome my limitations. I will be back for more super-guidance and your incredible skills! Thank you! “

~ Silvie L.


“I purchased Chameice’s program and it is amazing! I loved the MP3s; I can feel the energy flowing through and into me, the meditations and clearings are really amazing (felt the effect after listening to it). After listening my day would become easier and things will flow smoother through the day especially in my work.

After the first one to one call with Chameice, I felt much lighter and happier and the surprise was on the next day  I received an email from my work (payrole department) telling me that I am eligible for a distinction allowance and will receive it with this month salary, we are talking about what equals $7000!!!

Thank you so much Chameice! I am so grateful for your help and really appreciate you and your work. I am so excited to see more improvements in my life and to be on the next journey once you release any other program. Much love to you dear”

~ Rabab Alrakaf

Cheque in the mail for over £2000!!!!

“I have to tell you the best thing ever! I did what you told me and today I got a cheque in the mail for over £2000!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I had given up on getting this money because it was from years ago. Love you and your program Chameice!!!”

-Maureen Thompson

A publishing contract that was far more than I thought possible

“When I started this program with Chameice I was shopping for publishers for my book. I was willing to try anything to land a publishing contract. During my first session with Chameice, she showed me how many abundance blocks I had. I didn’t realize how negative I had become and how negatively I talked about my dreams. I had received so many rejections trying to find a publisher that I had emotionally given up! She busted me on my self-sabotage so I could start getting exactly what I want and I did! A publishing contract that was far more than I thought possible. She is a Goddess! Just do it. You will thank me.”

-Katrina Polinski

My bank account is always filled with money!

“Dear Chameice, Groundhog day wasn’t the just the case for me, it was Groundhog Year after Year with the same challenges of Finances and though a great manifestor, it was in slow motion. When Money came in, some bullcrap would show up to suck it away. Hah.

Within a Month of doing your program, I received a mini pay-raise, more work hours, I had more enthusiasm feeling propelled forward. My bank account is always filled with money. The holidays (any holidays) is now more fun with the financial security, New Years was Fab to do what I wanted when I wanted without the past empty bank account over the years!! You can imagine how Liberating it has been.

Having 2 one-on-one sessions with Chameice was Perfect timing. It was funny that my second appointment kept blundering up on schedule. So, I thought I was messing up and became hard on myself..lol and behold the 3rd time I set up appointment, the right amount of emotional gunk churned up to be cleared. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself that the forces were ushering me to ‘shut up and go with the flow’. Grin 

I was usually burnt out after work being around tons of people as a Beauty Artist and Energy Healer, that listening every evening to the “Raising Into Unconditional Love” mp3 has been a wonderful support to clear all lower vibrations-entities that drain the body.

Also, money always replaces itself under wonderful ways when it is spent. I am less tense with money and love spending for I know it always gets replaced with more.

My Husband has noticed a Happier attitude with me, & actually going out to purchase the things I’ve held back from giving myself. It over spills into my Home, Life and Marriage.

It is Wonderful. With this I add a Caveat…everyone has to do the work (inner work/spiritual) too. Keeping your Vibration in check and thoughts.

Chameice reminds me a little bit of me, a happy butterfly who graces each flower with Joy and Love. It has been a Pleasure to work with her, no nonsense fluff and sets you off on the golden road.”

Love you and Thank You xxx”

~ Prem Kaur Light Feather

Trying not to think about how things could have turned out had I continued on the path I was on

“Hi Chamiece, I just wanted to thank you for your incredibly helpful session this week – you immediately got to the core issue that needed to be brought to light and addressed, and I already see results in little beautiful ways. You were truly spot on! I’m feeling so hopeful for the positive changes to come, and trying not to think about how things could have turned out had I continued on the path I was on! Thank you again, and I’m looking forward to checking in with you soon.”

A big hug,


Chameice is a clear channel of Source/Creator

“Chameice is a top notch healer, who has the ability to see with precise clarity the priority issues to be worked on. She then heals, clears and balances on many levels, quickly and completely.

I’ve been working with her packages the past year and have had many shifts in my life from her deep and precise insights and amazing healing abilities. I listen to her MP3’s for daily support, which also helps my family and pets.

I have recommended Chameice to my friends and clients. We all look forward to her new offerings!

Chameice is a clear channel of Source/Creator, and is a loving, compassionate and authentic Soul.”

~Mary W.

I will be the star that I was created from

“WOW & Thank you. That call last night was amazing. You are a true lightworker. I now know what that means to me. Someone who shines so brightly that they need no words. It is their light that shines on our defects & brings out the lessons we need to learn. It is their light that shines on us so that we are inspired to give ourselves permission to step into our full light & become a lightworker. It is our choice which way we want to go. The people who instill limiting beliefs with their words are not lightworkers. They are simply teachers through resistance. Lightworkers teach through grace & a state of being. I choose to step into my light in order to fulfill my higher purpose to heal the world. I will be the star that I was created from. I release the ideas that were put upon me. I embrace all the light others have shined on me to teach me. I don’t need to say anything or do anything to heal the world. I need just be bright & present. Thank you Chameice for teaching me & being an example of how I want to go about the world. Thank you for lighting up my path. Super Love you!!!”

-Hilary Greer

I have actualized the ideal home for me and my son and just manifested funds for the first two month’s rent!

“Dearest Chameice,

I am so grateful for your beautiful work. Your program has changed my life on so many levels. Your meditations are very powerful. I listen to them all the time and can truly feel the vibrations of Peace, Unconditional Love and Joy marinating my energies. Most recently, your Lion’s Gate meditation had a profound effect on me. I’d been feeling as though my soul and spirit were ensnared within a tangle of thorns. As you guided us through the meditation, I felt angels lovingly untangling and setting me free and all of the heaviness uncoiling and falling away. So much freedom and space was opened up, and I knew that I could move forward and create the life I truly desire.

I am expanding and seeing positive results which are growing exponentially. I have actualized the ideal home for me and my son and

just manifested funds for the first two month’s rent! As I continue utilizing your material, my confidence and ease in realizing the life I have desired for so long continues to unfold in the most amazing ways.

Thank you so very much, Chameice for your gracious beauty and generosity in guiding me to an abundant and joyful life. My exuberance has returned, and I’m excited to experience more expansion and the unfolding of the magnificence of the possibilities which are available in life.

I am eternally grateful.

Much Love and Many Blessings to you ~ Namaste!”

-Maureen Damery

The person renting my condo asked if he could extend his lease for another year!

“I had an incredible day today. The person renting my condo asked if he could extend his lease for another year. Best news, as the renter is a responsible person who pays rent on time and is a business person who travels a lot. My response, woohoo! What relief on my part as this will be seamless without disruption of cash flow. I am so grateful. This happens a few days before I depart for NZ this coming Monday. So, I don’t have to worry about new tenant moving in while am out of the country. I feel blessed. Thank you Chameice Daniel RH for the great program. This is hardly two weeks since I started with your program.”

-Thembie Gamache

I feel empowered to be “me”, and encouraged to shine my light

“Dearest Chameice Daniel, I had a session on Friday night and you left me with powerful insights, and thoughts about the situation regarding my love life (I still wait for the things to unfold, but I already feel empowered). In many weeks, I slept well. I don’t know what you did, but the next day I felt LOT better.

You came in not as a healer, but as a friend, who knows, who mentors. I love it when you help with your keen insights to genuinely help us. And we are just starting with group calls etc.

Your mp3s are powerful (I have had many releases, and purging, and still came back for more – going slow like the instructions.). I feel empowered to be “me”, and encouraged to shine my light (many “told” me for the sake of telling – but you guided…n the way you guided was beautiful. SO happy to have found a mentor n friend in you. love and light”

-Sari Grace

I feel like I have a new life

“I have never felt like a lucky person but since Chameice taught me how to manifest right I am getting almost anything I want.

I struggled to just make it through the month before Chameice taught me this system. I could barely pay my bills. I was living paycheck to paycheck. Now I have extra money to buy things I want not just what I need. I feel like I have a new life. If only I would have known this stuff a long time ago. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing new life.”


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