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Intuitive Quantum Alchemist

Chameice has helped thousands of people worldwide fully anchor into their infinite power to create the lives they only dreamed were possible. She knows how to guide you into releasing the lead in your life that weighs you down, so you finally find the pot of gold within...Turning your shadows into shine using psychospiritual transformation.


She has been named the "Queen of Abundance" by clients and has helped CEOs, CFOs, Actors, Writers, and people just beginning their journey into self-actualization create larger income streams, connect with their twin flames and soulmates, travel the world while thriving, live with passion and purpose, and create anything that sets their spirit aflame.


Learn More About the Intuitive Quantum Alchemy Process HERE


She is a natural Intuitive and Channel of the Divine with an academic background in Psychology. 


She also has certifications in:



  Doctor of Divinity

  Doctor of Metaphysics

  Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor

 Certified Inter-Faith Minister

  Certified Quantum Hypnotherapist

  Certified in Kinesiology

  Master Level Reiki

 Certified PermiCulturist

  Certified Life Coach

  Certified Herbalist

  Certified Intuitive Counselor

  Certified in The Success Principles via Jack Canfield


Certified Peace Ambassador via James O’Dea


It is my deepest desire to assist in  illuminating the path of sovereignty for all. Upon entering a state of true sight, you begin to open to possibilities as more opportunities reveal themselves. This process quickly moves you into creating more highly aligned potentials as you become more focused and powerFULL.


When we have reached the critical mass of humanity being anchored back into sovereignty we will experience a "New Earth."

(The Golden Age)

This will be a time of peace, prosperity, and living within the harmony of all that is once again. I assist with this project by assisting all who choose to walk the Illuminated Path of True Sight.

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