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Our Mission of Sharing the Love...

Everyone at SoulFull Travel Adventures is committed to sharing the Love to shine Love into every corner of the globe. 

Chameice is committed to assisting people in need of Love and Support during financially difficult times with Love Donations...

  • Free Energy Infused Packages with Sessions are given out during every International Tele Summit Launch
  • Chameice provides Free One-on-One Sessions to people she intuitively selects monthly

SoulFull Travel Adventures also accepts donations from beautiful souls that would like to donate sessions to those in need. These donated


sessions allow us to give away more free sessions. 


As a full-time Quantum Intuitive, Chameice has limited availability and energy to assist people in need. So, we appreciate everyone honoring a system of harmonious reciprocity...Our FREE One-on-One Sessions are reserved for people that are experiencing financial hardship and that will honor the system by paying forward the energy exchange in ways unique to their current situation/abilities. We evaluate submissions as divinely guided and make selections based on this guidance to ensure a harmonious exchange. 


Please understand these spaces are limited, so we reserve the spaces for those most in need. You are not unworthy of love and support if your submission is not selected! We always send love and prayers to all that apply. 


Are You in Need of Love & Support During a Financially Difficult Time?


Please enter your information below to be considered for one of our available FREE One-on-One Sessions.


One Submission Per Person Annually. 


Please do not submit requests on behalf of other people. It is important that we honor their Free Will to do their own work & seek assistance or harmonious reciprocity is not honored.


 *Please note that by applying you agree to allow us to energetically read your current experiences and financial situation, so we can select those most in need of assistance at this time. 


Email Address*




Lo​ve Donations...

If you would like to contribute a Love Donation to someone in need of a One-on-One Session, use the link below.


*100% of Love Donations go to giving away more One-on-One Sessions to applicants in need of Support & Love


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FREE Resources to Illuminate the Path

This is our FREE resources page full of information to begin your path or deepen it.

This content is from a variety of people to give you a strong foundation.

Please use this as a starting point before moving into the Mentorship process to expedite your results.


Books to Illuminate the Path

The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz

In The Four Agreements, bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

The Kybalion By Three Initiates

The KYBALION is an initiation into a mystical tradition that has survived through the ages from Antiquity to the Present Day, existing just outside the perception of most people. The core of the KYBALION is a series of aphorisms that go back to earliest times and were passed down from master to student for millennia, the exact significance and meaning being closely guarded until the publication of this book.

The Oversoul Seven Trilogy By Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts’ beloved character, Oversoul Seven, an ageless student of the universe, explores the entire framework of our existence. . . . As we follow Seven’s education, our own beliefs about life, death, dreams, time and space are challenged and stretched, leaving us with a refreshing and provocative perspective on the true nature of reality.

All Books By Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl has had a lifelong burning interest in Jesus, not only as an archetype, savior, bodhisattva, and elder brother, but also in relation to the Essenes from the Dead Sea. 

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