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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intuitive Quantum Alchemy?

The term “Intuitive Quantum Alchemy” means different things to different people. When I use it, I’m talking about using my intuitive abilities to connect with your energetic fields and higher self to obtain information that will help you on your life path. I also use my counseling and coaching skills to relay this guidance clearly and directly, with specific action steps you can take to begin improving your life right away. While we are discussing action steps you can take in your life to create your desired possibilities, I energetically transmute or transform energetic loops, bindings, contracts, vows, etc to release them at a quantum level.


Why choose Intuitive Quantum Alchemy?

Most people find that one Intuitive Quantum Alchemy session is more effective than years of traditional counseling or talk therapy in terms of helping them overcome blocks, get unstuck, and make significant progress toward creating the life of their dreams.

The reason Intuitive Quantum Alchemy is so effective is that I connect directly to your energetic fields and higher self to find out the specific information you most need to move forward on your path. Your higher self knows how to help you get from point A to point B, and I am particularly adept at relaying that guidance in the best possible way for you to be able to take full advantage of it.

You can ask about anything you want to do during your session. Popular topics include career, relationships, finances, life purpose, health, and spirituality.

What’s the process for getting an Intuitive Quantum Alchemy session?

Once you’ve signed up for a one-on-one session, Mentorship Membership, or the Gnostic level of Club Thrive, you will automatically be emailed a link to my calendar to schedule your session. 

What is a typical Intuitive Quantum Alchemy session like?

Each session is tailored to your unique needs and will vary based on your questions and the information you need to help you on your life path. If it’s our first time working together, I’ll usually begin with an energy reading before getting into the information your higher self most wants you to know and, of course, answering your questions.

Although each session is unique, my clients almost always tell me the same thing after their sessions: that they feel more positive, inspired, and energized, and that they have so much more clarity and confidence regarding their situation than they did before they spoke with me.

Can Intuitive Quantum Alchemy help in a crisis?

Yes, absolutely! In times of crisis–like the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or suddenly losing your job–you just want to feel better and figure out how to move forward as quickly as possible. An Intuitive Quantum Alchemy session will help you understand the “why” behind the crisis you’re experiencing and, more importantly, will give you the insights and advice you need to heal and attract new opportunities. 

Due to the structure of Club Thrive and the Mentorship process, it is important to not use Intuitive Quantum Alchemy sessions as a coping mechanism for one-off crisis experiences...these are intended for lifelong transformation.   If you are experiencing a one-time situation that you would like assistance with, use the one one-on-one session option.

What if I’m skeptical about all this stuff?

I LOVE working with skeptics! If you are interested in having a session but aren’t quite sure you believe that what I do is possible, I encourage you to schedule a session and keep an open mind. Consider the possibility that I can connect with your higher self to get insights that will allow you to improve every aspect of your life…wouldn’t that be amazing?

I have devoted my life to this work because it IS that amazing! You can read some of my client’s testimonials about my work, and when you feel ready, schedule a session for yourself. Many of my most skeptical clients have ultimately been the ones who are the most transformed by their sessions with me!

Do you have any special training or certifications?

I AM a natural intuitive and channel of the divine with an academic background in psychology. 

I also have certifications in:

  Doctor of Divinity

  Doctor of Metaphysics

  Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor

  Certified Inter-Faith Minister

  Certified Quantum Hypnotherapist

  Certified in Kinesiology

  Master Level Reiki

  Certified PermiCulturist

  Certified Life Coach

  Certified Herbalist

  Certified Intuitive Counselor

Certified in The Success Principles via Jack Canfield


Certified Peace Ambassador via James O’Dea


Arc Priestess that trained in the Ancient Mysteries 

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