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If the journey deeper into your Soul's Truth & Mastery resonates, say the decree below as your sacred “YES”...

“I NOW call upon deep Sacred Connection and Conscious Awareness of Christos-Sophia and Unified Source,

the Living Grid of All That Is, My Highest Access Points of Ascension Templates available to me NOW,  My

Sacred Wisdom/Medicine/Alchemy granted through Mastery, and the Purest Frequencies of Love from the

Light of Lights.


I fully acknowledge that this access is freely granted via my open Heart Gateway. Thus, I intend and consent at

this moment and all now moments to be fully present within this divine space during my journeys into the

deeper wisdoms of my eternal truths.


I NOW choose to revoke and release all previously held attachments within my pain bodies that anchored me

out of my Divine Power and Truth as an Infinite Co-Creator with Unified Source in all ways, always.


I NOW choose to fully surrender all Limiting beliefs/patterns, Lack beliefs/patterns, Victim/Victimizer

beliefs/patterns, or other beliefs/patterns, known or unknown, that interfere with my ability to access and create

within my Soul’s Infinite Potentials. It is my intention to NOW rescind unconscious consent of all agreements

that have been made within any life streams that are contrary to my Sovereign Intentions, in all ways, always.


I NOW choose to not deny nor suppress the Light of the Truth. For my mission is service to the Light of the

Truth in all ways, Always.


I NOW choose to release binding or belief in suffering of any kind, within my timelines or the timelines of

humanity, for I NOW choose to BE a creator of Good Will, Compassion, Love, and Grace. I will perform my

duties of service to the Unified Source by freely acknowledging and speaking the Light of Truth into the Physical

Plane thereby seeding the Freedom Codes access for all in all ways, always.


It is my sincere intention to reside within my divinity, power, truth, and sovereignty and that I AM completely

response-able for all that is created within my life. This intention opens my DNA/Cells to receiving

Lightbody/Crystalline/Plasma Templates of new Creation Potential within the Infinite Universal Fields of

Medicine, Magic, and Miracles to Create Infinite Possibilities of my Divine Intention.


This Divine space of surrender allows me to BE the Interdimensional and Multidimensional BEing of my

Divine Declaration.


As I consciously walk through the doors of Eternal Initiation, I Am granted full access to my Highest Wisdom,

Celestial Akashic Halls of All That Is, Divine Remembrance of my Internal Flame of Truth, and the Potent

Power held within my Soul’s Light of Lights.


I claim my connection to the 13th Aeon with my heart’s resounding song...

"I AM a Divine Vessel purified in service to Unified Source. I AM Love. I AM Divine. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free.

I NOW enter with peace within my BEing and Grace in my Heart. I will it, so it is.”

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