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2024 You Wealth Revolution Package...

Soul Shift

Do Limited Beliefs Keep You Locked in Cycles of Lack and Struggle?

Introducing Soul Shift™: DNA Activation, and Journey to Infinite Possibilities!

ALL NEW: Liberate Your Soul and Shift into Your Highest 12D Timeline!


Welcome to Club Thrive – the Sanctuary of Limitless Living, where powerful energies entwine with your soul's essence. Transcend limiting beliefs and embark on a sacred journey of self-transformation. Illuminated by our 'Soul Elixir,' amplify your True Sight of Self and gracefully manifest abundance. Bid adieu to survival patterns, and immerse in the art of thriving.

In the tapestry of existence, struggle is the sacred dance of resistance. Surrender to your soul's whispers, embrace raw truth, and witness the natural, unhindered flow of abundance. As a cherished member, embrace celestial energy transmissions to inspire and sustain your True Sight of Self.

In the sacred space of self-investment, successful souls make a divine commitment to growth. Club Thrive empowers you with powerful tools to accelerate the creation of an abundant, soulful life. Step into the loving embrace, unlock a life without constraints and thrive in the symphony of boundless possibilities. Welcome to Club Thrive – where limitations dissolve, and your soul dances freely in the sacred rhythm of the universe.

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Embark on a sacred journey with the Lightwalker and Lightpreneur Course – Illuminating Your Energy, Igniting Your Soul Purpose!

Ready to elevate your Energy Enthusiasm to unimaginable heights? Unveil the potential to be a Lightworker, weaving energy for healing, aligning with divine timelines, and co-creating abundance. This course is the sacred key to awakening your innate gifts.

Discover the luminous power within as the Lightwalker Course guides you to reveal your True Sight of Self. Live in alignment with your soul's purpose, embracing passion, and thriving effortlessly. Understand the mystic path to success by aligning your energy with sacred goals.

Are you crafting your best life? Sensing sacred energy? Eager to discover the alchemy of your unique abilities? If you're a Lightworker ready to infuse your gifts with spiritual purpose, this course is your cosmic portal.

Unveil your spiritual gifts, learning to harmonize them for swift manifestation. The Lightwalker Course grants lifetime access to both the Lightwalker and Lightpreneur Courses, effortlessly staying attuned to cosmic revelations. Illuminate your energy, ignite your soul's purpose, and unlock a lifetime of spiritual transformation with this powerful course.

Begin to Live on Purpose with Passion While Thriving…. From Anywhere!

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Chameice Daniel is a professional Intuitive Counselor who has helped thousands of people worldwide gain the clarity and confidence to become the sovereign souls they are meant to be so they can action their dreams.

She is a Multidimensional Quantum Alchemist who delights in transforming clients' loops and programs (Lead) into passion and purpose (Gold).

She has been named the "Queen of Abundance" by clients and has helped CEOs, CFOs, actors, writers, and people just beginning to create their dreams manifest larger income streams, publishing contracts, realize their purpose while accessing their soul’s blueprint to live on purpose with passion while thriving!

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"Being able to access, trust, and act on your deepest dreams and desires is the only way to create a life that truly resonates with who you are."


I sent Chameice pictures of myself and my partner for our session and asked her to read the energy signatures so I could have clarity about the direction of our relationship. She was extremely accurate and even described him as a “gypsy soul!” This describes him perfectly. She further explained that our relationship is a perfect energetic match for me currently because it supports my empowered energy; That he helps me stay in my power and allows me to step out of co-dependency patterns that many cultures consider love. She identified that he helps me understand unconditional love on a deeper level. She described our unique love signature without me saying anything. I also asked her if she could assist me in better understanding the rebellious nature of my daughter and she explained the situation perfectly and accurately. I now have a better understanding as to what my daughter is experiencing emotionally and can try to take the necessary steps to help her move forward. I would highly recommend Chameice as her sessions are as informative as they are accurate in assisting you to find the peace to move forward.

Eram Saeed

Host & Founder, From Heartache To Joy Global Summit


"Chameice was 100% accurate reading my energy. I've never felt so validated in the higher dimensional truths that she immediately read in my energy field. I was blown away with joy, happiness and connection… I love her! She saw where my energy was getting un-grounded during our You Wealth calls… she gave me an instantaneous process to ground my frequency in and stay aligned. She also confirmed an Arcturian download for a healing chamber that I received… which was MIND BLOWING!

Darius Barazandeh

Host & Founder, You Wealth Revolution Global Summit

wow and wow. Where do I start. I would highly recommend a session and programs with Chameice if you are looking for unexpected miracles and abundance in your life. Recently, I was turned down for a loan and told my loan was rejected and denied and the loan officer told me maybe try be in a few months, however, something in side of me didn't believe that. 24 hours later, the very next morning, I received a phone call from the corporate office from the head loan office telling me that my loan was accepted and we could move forward with an unbelieveable low rate as well. wow. Along with experiencing this major money miracle I have experienced several smaller ones as well. Not only has Chameice assisted me with abundance miracles, she has help me experience health miracles. For a few weeks, I had unexplained blurriness and burning in my eyes and after a session with Chameice she quickly identified the issue was not with my actually eyes but with my chakras. After breaking up the blockage with pin point accuracy, my eye sight was restored and the burning and blurriness miraculously was gone.My clear eyesight was restored and i can see clearly now!!! If you are looking for miracles in your life that looks like it would not happen, I would highly recommend Chameice for her lifechanging sessions and programs. Both my finances and health have experienced miracles and turnaround. She is the real deal with pin point accuracy and powerful results!!!

Anna Barb

Fox News
USA Today
From Heartache To Joy
You Wealth Revolution
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